Happy New Year!

January 11, 2017


Rather than do a year in review, I decided to put the year in my rear view. Oh how clever of me, teehee. I started to write down 101 goals for myself at some point last year and never finished it. Well, it's finished now, and I figured the best thing to do is put it out in the world for some accountability. Some of these goals are dreams and some of them are physical tasks. They vary from short to long term. I would guess as things get checked off, I'll be inspired to replace them with other things or go even further with the original goals. As time goes by, I'm sure I'll want to add more things that inspire me. Think of it as a fluid list. Always evolving and improving. I suppose the idea is that even if I check off half of these in my life, it will have been a pretty sweet ride. Look at me already apologizing for the dreams I have. Let's check 'em all off! Woo! There. Better. Maybe you might be inspired to write your own list. Maybe you might have suggestions or advice that will help me check a few off mine. Here's to living a little more fully this year.


101 Goals
1.      Start a Family
2.      Declutter and completely organize the Apartment
3.      Upgrade to a bigger apartment
4.      Build or Buy my dream home
5.      Own a vacation home
6.      Own a Jaguar
7.      Learn to make 5 basic cocktails (Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Tom Collins, Side Car, and Martini)
8.      Hawkeye Football Season tickets
9.      Annual trip with friends
10.    Get on ESPN
11.    Own a bar
12.    Write 52 blogs this year (2017)
13.    Volunteer for a charity (2017)
14.    Go outside everyday
15.    Get a birdie on an 18 hole golf course
16.    Own a good camera
17.    Afford a food delivery service
18.    Dunk a basketball
19.    Pay off Student Loans
20.    Double my savings (2017)
21.    Start a retirement fund
22.    Make a million dollars in one year.
23.    Have a diverse set of investments.
24.    Have a net worth of 2 million dollars when I am 60.
Health and Fitness:
25.    Have a personal gym
26.    Bench 225
27.    Squat 275
28.    Deadlift 315
29.    Do a muscle up
30.    20 pull ups
31.    Run a 5k
32.    Get a group gym membership (Crossfit type)
33.    Take a lesson at a boxing gym
I will travel to the following places:
34.    Paris, France
35.    Rome, Italy
36.    London, England
37.    Spain
38.    New Zealand
39.    Greece
40.    Canada
41.    Hawaii
42.    Interlaken, Switzerland (Again)
43.    Seattle
44.    San Francisco
45.    A Caribbean island
I will visit the following attractions and sights:
46.    Disneyworld
47.    Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
48.    New Year’s Eve in Times Square
49.    Attend the CFP National Championship
50.    Attend the Final Four
51.    Attend the Super Bowl
52.    See a concert at the Gorge
53.    The Masters
54.    Run with the Bulls
55.    White Water Rafting
56.    Hike a 14er in Colorado
57.    Go to an outdoor adventure park.
58.    Go on a cruise
59.    Go snorkeling while in the Caribbean
60.    Take a surfing lesson
61.    Stay at an all-expenses paid resort.

62.    Read the plays listed in An Actor’s Guide, Appendix C
63.    Read the books listed in An Actor’s Guide, Appendix E (0/31)
64.    Read 12 books that I already own
65.    Get a theatrical agent
66.    Join SAG
67.    Book a commercial
68.    Get a callback for a major tv show or film
69.    Co-Star
70.    Guest Star
71.    Series Regular
72.    Be in a Broadway show
73.    Go to Sundance
74.    Write and Produce a short film
75.    Attend the Oscars
76.    Supporting role in a feature film
77.    Lead role in a feature film
78.    Have a video on YouTube that gets 1000 views
79.    Have a project reviewed in the LA/NY Times
80.    Appear on SNL
81.    Use a connection to get a friend a major gig
82.    Be a part of the Star Wars Universe
83.    Own or Rent a creative studio space
84.    Make last year’s income strictly with acting work (2017)
85.    Get 500 likes on my professional page (2017)
86.    Shoot 5 new projects (2017)
87.    Finish Improv @ ioWest
88.    Be in a scene with an Oscar winner
89.    Be a voice in a video game
90.    Improve Adobe Premier skill set
91.    Finish the Artist’s Way
92.    Learn and implement better self-promotion techniques
92A.  Website Intro Video
93.    Establish a consistent work schedule for 2017
94.    Talk to my family more often
95.    Write thank you notes
96.    Return emails within 24 hours of receiving them
97.    Watch every movie in the AFI 100 (0/100) http://www.afi.com/100Years/movies10.aspx
98.    Watch every best picture winner http://m.imdb.com/chart/bestpicture/
99.    Watch a new movie every week
00.    Watch every movie on the list in An Actor’s Guide, Appendix D
01.    Go to 3 concerts this year (2017)

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